You Have Questions,
We Have Answers!

How often should I change my air filter?

We recommend changing your filter every 30 days (once a month). This is key in getting the best efficiency out of your HVAC unit.

What type of filter should I use?

We recommend using a lower MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) filter. In most situations a Merv 8 filter works great for trapping airborne particles, while still allowing the correct amount of air flow through your HVAC system.

What are some ways to help control my cooling and heating costs?

The first two answers are very important in controlling how much it cost to run your HVAC system. Also, setting your thermostat at conservative temperatures during both summer and winter months (ex. 68° winter and 78° summer) is a key factor in keeping your energy cost down.

Should I be concerned about indoor air quality?

Absolutely, indoor air quality is a major factor for allergy sufferers. There are specialty air purification systems that are available for these circumstances.

Does my cooling and heating system need surge protection?

Your HVAC system is factory built with certain components that protect it from electrical surges. The protection works properly in most cases, however, there are instances where surges can wipe out key components of your HVAC system.

What is the proper size HVAC system for my home?

There are quite a few factors when properly sizing HVAC systems for a home (type of insulation, height of ceilings, multiple stories, square footage). We recommend giving us a call to preform a proper evaluation to determine what size HVAC system is perfect for your home.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, when purchasing new equipment there typically is a warranty involved. The warranty details depend on what brand of system the home owner chooses.

Are there any preventative maintenance measures I should be taking?

Without a doubt, starting with having a professional come out 2 times a year (summer, winter) to service your HVAC system. It is a complex, mechanical machine that requires ongoing maintenance to uphold the standard efficiency. Most HVAC companies offer scheduled maintenance. (See Comfort Club)